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The Riesenkampff Foundation

The Riesenkampff Family is one of the Baltic German families, whose ancestors came to the Baltics in the 16th century and settled there for almost 400 years until 1939, when the majority of the Baltic Germans was transferred to Germany as a result of the treaty between Hitler and Stalin.


However, the family never forgot their Baltic roots and especially Estonia, where it was mostly based. The family has set up the Riesenkampff Foundation – a Berlin-based non-profit organisation that aims to support children-related activities in the Baltic states, with a particular focus on Estonia. Even before establishing the foundation, the Riesenkampffs were involved in philanthropic activities in Estonia on an individual level. Since the family efforts were consolidated and the Riesenkampff Foundation started in 2016, it has been supporting projects and activities that reflect the family values.


Currently the foundation's work focuses on promoting German language and culture among children, supporting families in need and promoting technology education at school. The foundation supports local organizations with financial and other means and maintains close contacts with local humanitarian and social institutions, entrepreneurs and governmental agencies.


Thank you to our friends

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Olaf von Brevern

Georg von Brevern

von Brevern Family Foundation

Wilhelm von Rüden

Joachim Riesenkampff

Reili Riesenkampff

Marie von Maydell

Thomas Korte

Franz von Falkenhausen

Julian Kunz

Dr. Peter Blome

Franziska v. Hanstein

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