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Tartu Peetri School


Tartu Peetri School, founded by St Peter’s Lutheran congregation, started to operate on 4 September 1906 and back then, it was the very first school in Estonia where children received Estonian-language education. 


Today the rebuilt Petri School is a Christian private school that operates as a kindergarten / elementary school.

Estonian folk culture and Christian upbringing have always been highly valued in the Petri School. Today it is a modern educational institution where learning and teaching are inseparable. The school believes in Christian values and promotes ​​education based on empathy among pupils and teachers. The school teaches advanced German and offers media and communication lessons as well. The school works closely with pupil families and links its educatin principles with Waldorf education.

Our foundation established a scholarship to cover annual tuition fees for a family that would not be able to afford the school otherwise. The scholarship application and selection process is managed by the Tartu Petri congregation.

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