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Kadrioru Saksa Gymnasium


The German Gymnasium Kadriorg (Kadrioru Saksa Gümnaasium in Estonian) is a school with all three levels of school education - from primary to upper secondary. It offers its pupils intensive German lessons from the first grade, which also become compulsory for all students from the second to the twelfth grade. German has been taught at the school since 1962, which makes this school the one with longest German tradition in Estonia.

The school got its name from its location in the Kadriorg district, yet it currently occupies  two spatially separate buildings. The traditional school building is located in the beautiful district of Kadriorg, all students from the sixth grade are accommodated there. The second school building was integrated in 2016, is based in the Sikupilli neighbourhood and currently houses the first to fifth grades.

The school strives to teach German at the highest level - from German lessons to pupil afterschool activities. The Riesenkampff Foundation annually awards prizes to the students with best achievements in German subject and supports the school's Business in German (Wirtschaft auf Deutsch) study field. From September 2019 has become a separate study field within the school and the first one with orientation towards technology education.

Greetings from Justus Riesenkampff Prize winners

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