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Humanitarian Help for Ukraine

Once the shocking recent Russian aggression against Ukraine began, the Riesenkampff Foundation has shifted its priorities and mobilised to provide medical supplies and other essential civil goods to Ukrainians in need. We’d like to thank every single person and company who supported our efforts in any way they could. A small summary of our activities:

  • We’ve collected around 60.000 EUR worth of donations from private and around 150.000 EUR from corporate donors, for which medication and medical equipment from the provided priority list was purchased.

  • Since the beginning of Russian occupation of Ukraine, together with our partners, we have organised 7 humanitarian trips already. We will continue these trips as long as we have enough funds available and can procure goods that are prioritised as most urgent.

  • The first load of goods was delivered to the Ukrainian Army contacts, who afterwards drove it to the hotspots within the country. For the rest of the loads we are cooperating directly with the Dnipro Regional Clinical Hospital, which is a part of a larger hospital complex in the eastern part of Ukraine. This hospital is very close to the conflict zones, has been receiving patients from different hotspots, and had difficulties in ensuring enough supplies, that is why they provide us with their needs and we’re trying our best to fulfil them as fast as we can.  

  • The goods are being delivered by ourselves to an agreed place, from where they are picked up by reliable contacts, and are being transported directly to the hospital or other hotspots.

  • Many THANK YOUs and karma points also go to SumUp, who joined our humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and have provided us with additional financial and logistic support. Additional THANK YOU goes to MED360, who kindly donated medical goods worth of nearly 20 000 EUR.

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