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codesters_edited.jpg is Digital Product Development program with a mission to equip Estonian gymnasium pupils with future-oriented technology education. 

It is the largest of our projects and the only one that has been initiated, set up and managed by the foundation itself. focuses on training a combination of soft and hard skills needed to deliver actual digital products and allows pupils to work on their own ideas. The lessons are integrated into the schools’ curriculum and held for 5 academic hours each week. Pupils who choose to take part, start lessons in the 10th grade, continue with them throughout 11th grade and finish the program when they graduate from school.


Lessons are mostly held in English and are being lead by an international team of technology enthusiasts and industry professionals.


During a 3 year program pupils from partner schools have a chance to try out the shoes of a UX designer, front-end and back-end developer, project manager as well as work on their own project ideas with the help of industry professionals. Part of the lessons are held outside of school premises, thus visiting well-known technology companies and being able to learn in premises where different digital technologies are actually developed. During the pandemic, such lessons are held remotely.

In academic year 2023/2024, 300 pupils from 8 different gymnasiums in Tallinn, Tartu and Narva, take part in the program and are having 5 academic hours of Digital Product Development lessons each week. The program's success was enabled with the support of our partners - the Good Deed Education Foundation, Telia, Pipedrive and Startup Estonia, a number of companies and education institutions have also assisted with non-financial means. 

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