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Our projects

Since the founding of Riesenkampff Foundation in 2016, it has been supporting projects and activities that reflect family values. The Foundation currently focuses on these areas:

- Promoting German language and culture

- Supporting families in need

- Promoting technology education

The foundation supports local organizations with financial and other means and maintains close contacts with local humanitarian and social institutions, entrepreneurs and governmental agencies. Each year the support is being granted through formal application process. During the year members of the Foundation visit the projects in order to understand their further needs as well as monitor their progress. 


In 2024 the foundation aims to continue working with its ongoing projects: is a Digital Product Development program started by the Riesenkampff Foundation with a mission to equip Estonian gymnasium pupils with future-oriented technology education.

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Humanitarian help for Ukraine

Once the shocking recent Russian aggression against Ukraine began, the Riesenkampff Foundation has shifted its priorities and mobilised to provide medical supplies and other essential civil goods to Ukrainians in need.


Nuku Museum

Tallinn's Nuku Museum is the largest museum of puppetry in the Baltic States and offers excursions and puppet-building workshops for adults and children. With the Foundation's support, Nuku Museum started a program which allows children from remote areas to visit the museum and try out puppet-making free of charge.

Estonian Foodbank

Eesti Toidupank organizes agreements with food producers, importers, supermarkets, etc. in order to collect food from them and distribute it to Estonians who live below the poverty line. In 2020, around 10.000 Estonians were receiving food packages on a weekly basis. Our Foundation assists with  financial institutional support. 


Kadrioru Saksa Gymnasium

Each year the Riesenkampff Foundation awards prizes to the pupils with best achievements in German subject and supports the school's Business in German (Wirtschaft auf Deutsch) study field. From September 2019, has also become a separate study field within the school and the first one with orientation towards technology education.


Kaarli School

Kaarli School was initiated by the Kaarli Christian community and is oriented primarily to families who consider the Christian worldview to be important, regardless of their congregation. The Riesenkampff Foundation supported the school's construction plans as well as started a scholarship program for children who would not have the financial means to join the school otherwise.

Peetri Lutheran School

St. Peter's Lutheran school (Tartu Luterlik Peetri Kool) started to operate in 1906 and back then, it was the very first school in Estonia where children received Estonian-language education.  Today it is a Christian private school that operates as a kindergarten / elementary school. Our foundation established a scholarship to cover annual tuition fees for a family that would not be able to afford the school otherwise.


German Culture Institute

The aim of the Tartu German Cultural Institute is to introduce German culture in Estonia, to develop cultural ties between Germany and Estonia, to enable those interested to participate in German language courses and to pass the Goethe Institute exams. ​ The Riesenkampff Foundation supported the renovation of the institute’s building.

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