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Estonian Foodbank


Estonian Food Bank or the Estonian-Dutch Charity Fund was established in 2010 in order to fight poverty and food waste. It organizes agreements with food producers, importers, supermarkets and the European Union's food aid program. Trainings, food gatherings in stores, charity campaigns and various cooperation projects are organized. Eesti Toidupank also collects money to purchase the necessary inventory (eg shelves, refrigerators, vans, aprons, flyers, etc.).

Poverty in Estonia: according to Statistics Estonia, in 2018, 2.4% of the Estonian population, or 31,659, lived in absolute poverty. These are people who had to manage an income of less than 215 euros / month. Of those, 4,034 are children and teenagers. In 2018, 21.7% of the population, or 284,300 people, lived in relative poverty. They had to make a monthly income of 569 euros. Of those, 43,112 people (17.1%), are children and teenagers.

In 2019, food banks across Estonia distributed to an average of 7,200 people a week. In 2020, the number of food aid recipients has increased to 10,000 per week. Local governments and about 300 charities help to deliver food to those in need.

The goals of Estonian Food Bank are to:

- fight poverty

- reduce food waste

- create solidarity between people

Our foundation has been providing the FoodBank with financial institutional support. 

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